scott_grantScott M. Grant, Esquire (President)

Scott Grant is an attorney licensed to practice in Florida and Massachusetts. His expertise includes the handling of all types of real estate transactions as well as complex tax issues including FIRPTA  withholdings, estate planning and probate. Scott sits on the legal resources committee of the Naples Area Board of Realtors.  Please feel free to contact Scott at (239) 280-5203 or via e-mail



lisa_grantLisa F. Grant (Vice President)

Lisa Grant is a licensed title agent who has in excess of thirty years’ experience in closing all types of real estate transactions in both Florida and Massachusetts.  Please feel free to contact Lisa at (239) 280-5205 or via e-mail at




jeffrey_grantJeffrey R. Grant, Esquire

Jeffrey Grant is an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida. Jeffrey is heavily involved with the local real estate community and is constantly seeking to engage our clients as to how Gulfshore Title Company and its staff can add additional value to the real estate settlement process. Please feel free to contact Jeffrey at (239) 280-5209 or via e-mail at




dianne_sosaDianne Sosa

Dianne Sosa is the closing coordinator for Gulfshore Title Company and has been with the company in excess of ten years and has vast experience in the closing process. She can coordinate all facets of the closing transaction.  Please contact Dianne at (239) 280-5222 or via email at



Judy Dyehouse

Judy Dyehouse has been the accounting manager for Gulfshore Title Company in excess of ten years.  Judy will handle all escrow deposits and escrow related documentation.  Please do not hesitate to contact Judy at (239) 280-5223 or via e-mail at

Donna Dolan

Donna Dolan is the receptionist and in-processor for Gulfshore Title Company, who assists in the clerical aspect of opening files and ordering estoppels. Donna can be reached at (239) 280-5202 or

Devon Raimer

Devon Raimer is the administrative assistant to Lisa Grant and Dianne Sosa. Please contact Devon at (239) 280-5213 or, when neither Dianne nor Lisa are available.